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Why Choose Bare Crane Rental for your Project?

Bare rentals give you access to an equipment fleet without the cost of ownership, while meeting the demands of your business minus the burden of high expenditures and equipment financing. When you own a piece of equipment, you are responsible for all repairs and maintenance - which also affects your bottom line. When you bare rent from Clearwater Crane we'll take care of the maintenance, and we'll work with you to meet the time sensitive constraints of your project.


Clearwater Crane also offers peace of mind with safe, quality equipment rental and service to our clients. Our fleet is certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and are always available to get your project completed quickly, safely and efficiently.


For more about our Safety Program, please click here.

Make us your choice for quality crane rental.

Select Clearwater Crane for your Heavy Lifting.

We are experts when it comes to delivering efficient and smart rentals for heavy lifting jobs. With over twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Clearwater Crane has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right equipment for your needs.  We offer an efficient and modern fleet of bare cranes for hire, including In and Out Mobilization, Erection and Teardown - a truly turn-key service.


To ensure on-the-job efficiency for our clients, we maintain a well-serviced fleet with a consistently low average age - meaning better performance for your project with fewer issues and breakdowns.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

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